Flexipedic Soft (Medium)

The Flexipedic soft is a super durable, double sided, no spring pure latex mattress. The mattress consist of a 50mm firm core with a 75mm medium layer top and bottom. The anitial feel when you sit on the mattress is soft, but once you lay down and the body weight is evenly spread you will feel that it is a ultra supportive medium feel that contours to the bodies natural shape. All 3 the layers are durable 100% pure natural latex gold that will offer you years of luxurious support and comfort. The top and bottom of the mattress is covered in a luxurious quilt containing natural New Zealand wool. This is a standard low maintenance non turn mattress with the ability to be flipped should you want to. This offers you 2 sleeping surfaces meaning the mattress should last you twice as long as a conventional bed.

Overall mattress thickness is 250mm