Serenity (Customisable)

Another one of a kind mattress designed by New Zealand Bed Company. It's one of the only beds on the market where you can customize each side to your personal comfort requirements. This unique bed has interchangeable comfort layers (comfort pod's). You have the option of Firm, Medium or soft Latex as well as 75mm luxurious memory foam so you can create the perfect his and hers side.The luxurious quilted top can be completely un-zipped, aired or dry cleaned, making this not only the best mattress on the market, but also one of the most hygienic. Featuring our MAXI COIL Zoned or Uniform pocket-springs to give you the most complete back support around. The superior Maxi-top design ensures that the mattress contours to the whole body. 




Seven turn independent pocket springs that were designed for all body types to create optimal support while significantly reducing roll-together and partner disturbance




3.5mm edge-wire and multiple tempered steel butterfly edge support springs prevent edge break down and allows the mattress to




Consists of thick luxurious (Firm, Medium or Plush) LATEX GOLD and/or 75mm VISCO-ELASTIC (Memory foam). You have the option of having both sides (left or right)feel completely different to ensure both people using the bed get the perfect amount of comfort they require. NOW ALSO AVAILABLE with the ViscoGel pods.




Our products are treated with ultra fresh that helps prevent dust mites and inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and fungi.




Adaptive fabrics reacts to heat and improves moisture evaporation keeping you cool in summer and helps keep your mattress hygienically clean and fresh for longer.



10 YEAR full factory warranty.