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*Note: FEEL of the mattress is based on general perception. As FEEL is subjective, it may vary as per perspective of the user. Each body is different and responds differently to various foams and feels. We recommends trying a mattress before buying to check the feel as per their perception.

Serene Craft Mattress- Serene Life takes a natural approach, using advances in probiotics that focus on the role of carotenoids in enhancing human skin health. Our major breakthrough incorporates these products with high quality bedding textiles in a new method of delivery that gives long term benefit while you sleep. PROUDLY MADE IN NEW ZEALAND.

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Single(91 x 191cm), King Single(105 x 202cm), Double(139 x 191cm), Queen(152 x 202cm), King(167 x 202cm), Super King(180 x 202cm), Cali King(202 x 202cm)

Mattress Options

Mattress Only, Mattress & Base


7 Zone Coppertine® Mini Pocket Spring – World’s finest pocket spring technology


360° Foam encased with total Edge to Edge support, Cloud foam, Flo foam, Generous layers of silk fiber, Hi Mate® Latex, High Density Foam


Adaptive™ Fabric, HealthGuard™, Lyocell with RealSilk® and Skin+ Technology

Firmness Level



7 Zone


Serene Life Beds


10 Year Warranty*

  • Unmatched Warranty*.
  • Return & Refund Available*.
  • Fast Shipping*.
  • Contactless Delivery*.
  • Nationwide Shipping.
  • Kiwi Ownership.
  • Factory Located in Wiri, Auckland.
Single(91 x 191cm)
King Single(105 x 202cm)
Double(139 x 191cm)
Queen(152 x 202cm)
King(167 x 202cm)
Super King(180 x 202cm)
Cali King(202 x 202cm)
Mattress Only
Mattress Only
Mattress & Base
Mattress & Base

We Offer

Easy Refund & Return
Fast Shipping

256 bit AES Checkout
5 to 10 years warranty*

At the heart of a great mattress is the quality material used that is Serene Craft.Taking care of your skin’s health while you enjoy a blissful, luxurious sleep, night after night.Wake up to the skin care revolution. The rejuvenating properties of sleep are well known. We all need quality rest in order to manage our busy lifestyles. Now, new technologies are available to support the beneficial effect of rest and to repair damage caused by our everyday life. Serene Life takes a natural approach, using advances in probiotics that focus on the role of carotenoids in enhancing human skin health. Our major breakthrough incorporates these products with high quality bedding textiles in a new method of delivery that gives long term benefit while you sleep. PROUDLY MADE IN NEW ZEALAND.
World’s First mattress with 3 Patented Technologies
Most breathable and Skin friendly components are used to craft this Super Luxurious Mattress
Generous Layers of Mulberry Silk Fibre for Healthy and Happy sleep as Silk being natural is good for your skin and hair health.
Skin+ Exclusive to Serenelife for your Beautiful skin
Real Silk technology along with Adaptive and Health Guard for comfortable sleeping Surface night after night.
Natural latex for healthy bed life.
World’s Finest Spring Technology coated with Copper
At Serenelife We do care for your Luxurious sleep as well your Beautiful skin health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explain NZ Beds 5 or 10 years Warranty?

New Zealand Bed Company Ltd beds are designed and built to the highest standards. We offer a 5-10 years limited warranty on the mattresses & Accessories against faulty materials or a manufacturing defect from the date of purchase. During this period if NZ Beds is satisfied that the materials or workmanship are faulty it will repair or replace the products at its discretion. Please note that a normal body needs 3 – 4 weeks to adjust to a new mattress, especially if a person is replacing a mattress after long use.

Refund Policy
  1. To make a warranty claim you must be able to provide proof of purchase, including purchase date, and be the original purchaser.
  2. Contact the us where you purchased the products online OR the nearest NZ Beds retailer with details of the fault. Contact NZ Beds at if you are unable to locate the nearest retailer.
  3. The retailer may ask you for some pictures of the faulty product where the fault is visible. The retailer may also request you an appointment to get the mattress inspected (if required).
  4. NZ Beds provides a return to base warranty which means that transportation costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. However, if a fault is detected within the first year of purchase, the freight liability will be of the manufacturer. The customer may use the services of the retailer for free transportation or use a manufacturer-authorized freight carrier and the freight cost would be reimbursed.
  5. An incorrect choice of mattress does not constitute a manufacturing fault. Retailers may offer a comfort warranty at their own discretion. Customers are advised to claim comfort issues directly with retailers based on their sales policy.
  6. After the product has been inspected at NZ Beds and the fault is certified to be caused by faulty workmanship or materials, we will repair or replace your product at our discretion.
    Replacement of material under warranty could be limited to the faulty ingredient and not for the whole product.
Expected Delivery Time

The Mattress base and Headboards will take around 7 to 10 days to be dispatched from the Factory. The rest of the products will be dispatched the next working day if ordered separately. If any product is ordered with the Mattress or Headboard, it will be delivered at the same time with the Mattress and Headboard.

Care & Maintainance
  1. Air the mattress occasionally. Remove all bedding and let the mattress be aired for 6-7 hours. This will help to keep your mattress clean and dry.
  2. Do not try to fold your mattress as it will damage the springs.
  3. Do not jump on Mattress as abuse is not covered in the Warranty.
  4. Do not lift the mattress all by yourself as it could result in an injury.
  5. Please do not lift your mattress using side Handles (where applicable). Side Handles are just for help in rotation and are not covered under warranty.
  6. Children should not play with tags and other accessories on the mattress.
  7. Always keep your Mattress protected with a quality Mattress Protector to maintain it stain-free, clean & dry.
  8. A faulty base can void the warranty of your new mattress.
  9. NZ Beds advises using a new NZ Beds base or a good quality new bed frame for warranty and shape protection of the mattress.
  10. Complement your sleep quality with the right pillow. A wrong choice of pillow will adversely affect the sleeping comfort.
  11. Rotate your mattress every two months. This is essential to ensure uniformity in wear & tear.
  12. Check your bed’s base castors or Legs regularly, if loose please tight it.
  13. Do not saturate fabric with water or other cleaning liquid.
  14. Never eat or Smoke on your bed.

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